The Prodigal- concept sketches

Our animated short The Prodigal is finishing its festival run and can be viewed at:

We’ve also translated the film into over 40 languages, and are trying to put it into more.

While many of our concepts were made in paper cut-outs I managed to do a few exploratory sketches. Atmosphere and landscapes became characters in the film.

Ultimately we would like to create 37 short films. One for each parable.
We are trying to raise funds for the next two shorts.

21Martyrs short film- Concepts 1

For the past few months we’ve been developing an animated short film project about the 21 migrant workers who were beheaded for their Christian faith in 2015.

A still from the film released on Jan 15th 2015 showing the beheadings.

Here are a few exploratory concept sketches, inspired in part by Coptic and Orthodox Icons. We are trying to capture the emotion of the story with line, color and texture.

To read more about, or donate to the project please visit: HERE

The Prodigal- Teaser

For the last year we have been developing a short film inspired by the biblical story of the Prodigal Son.
Prodigal is what we hope will be the first of 37 short films based on biblical parables.
If you are interested in learning more about the project or contributing to the series ... 

Noosa Yoghurt spots

Above: Concepts and final images for several Noosa Yoghurt commercials.
Produced at House Special Productions, Directed by Aaron Sorensen

New Portfolio page

I haven't had an online portfolio for many years. Still organizing images... but to those who are interested please visit:


The Prodigal and 37Stories.

Concept art from "The Prodigal."

For the last year we have been developing a short film inspired by the biblical story of the Prodigal Son.

As we enter production, we are trying to raise finishing funds.

The Prodigal is what we hope will be the first of 37 short films based on biblical parables.
If you are interested in learning more about the project or contributing to the film... please visit

Art Side of Life

Recently I was interviewed for the program Art Side of Life. In the interview I talk about some of my influences... as well as the ups and downs of my career thus far.

NobleTales Shorts

Looking back at a few of my personal short film projects.
Each short film I make really reflects a certain period in my life. "Al Tudi Tuhak" was made when I was a lonely 20 something trying to find my way in the world. "The Pumpkin of Nyefar" was made after the death of  my mentor Maurice Noble. Created both as a tribute to the man, and a way for me to deal with loss. The same is true of "The Escape of the Gingerbread Man!!!" after the death of my father. It was my "angry" film, that helped me through the mourning process. Since the birth of my son a few years ago, I'm at a much happier place. The new films that I'm working on now are really for him. Seeing the world again anew, but through his eyes.

Tobar an Cheoil

Late last year I was asked to direct an Irish language music video for a series called Tobar an Cheoil. 

Above: A few promotional stills from the video.

The song I selected is called Cuirfimid Deaindí  a children's tune beautifully sung by Bernie Pháid from her album Síol. 

Traditionally babies would be bounced on a parent's knee to this song. On the highest notes of the song... the babies would be bounced to an almost atmospheric level. I wrote and designed a story inspired by the most famous baby knee bouncer in the history of Ireland.  

At the moment I'm not allowed to say or show too much about this project yet... but will slowly release more behind the scenes material after it airs in Ireland this autumn.   Slàn

Jail Break

Jailbreak from HouseSpecial on Vimeo.

A few years ago I was asked to create some concept sketches for House Special director Aaron Sorensen's short film "Jail Break."

Above: A few of my concepts for the film.

The style and feel was heavily inspired by early German Expressionist films such as The Golem, and The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari... among others.

Above: The final set!
For more behind the scenes click HERE.

AllState Ads

Not too long ago I was asked to design a trio of AllState ads for House Special Studio in Portland. First I sketched out a variety of character and bg ideas. Then... once director Aaron Sorensen and the client approved a few sketches... the crew used my 2D color designs to build miniature sets out of paper, clay and what-not. It's always fun to see your work interpreted by different artists. 

Above: A Background Concept.
Above: Some Genie variations.

 Above: A bit of development. Personally I liked the autumn scheme. 

Above: A key for the final shot

Above: Final car design

Above: A few car concepts. But the client wanted a mini!

Above: Rough man variations.

Above: My first phone doodles while on a call with the studio as they were pitching me the idea.

Above: A few concepts that weren't chosen

Tong Daeng color

A while back a friend asked me to help out with some color sketches on a short film he was putting together about the King of Thailand's beloved dog, "Tong Daeng."

A progression of color for the fire sequence.

The overgrown temple, badly in need of repair.
Fire destroys the building.
Above: A small selection of sketches from Tong Daeng.

The main goal with these sketches was to provide a strong atmosphere for each of the environments. These were imagined in an almost impressionistic way to fit each of the story moments. The sketches would then be used as a guide and inspiration for the Imagimax artists.

Thailand has been such a great inspiration for me over the years, and it's always a pleasure to explore beautiful Thai landscapes and architecture.

All images (c) 2015 Imagimax

Eddie Of The Realms Eternal

Earlier this year I was hired as a creative director at Cartoon Saloon in Ireland. Most of the summer was spent helping develop several original TV series pitches... as well as a pilot for Amazon Prime... "Eddie Of The Realms Eternal." Here are a few short clips from the pilot.

Because we were a bit short handed at the studio I ended up art directing the pilot as well... with the help of some very talented young artists... and under the guidance of hot young director Paul Morris. If you are in the U.S. check out the entire pilot HERE.

Above: A few color keys and development sketches

My main job on Eddie as creative director/ art director was helping develop the look and guide the artists... which was quite an amazing crew! A mix of French, Irish, American, Thai and Polish artists!

 And yes... if you are wondering... the director LOVES purple!