Escape Of The Gingerbread Man

Above:Some early test renders and lighting set-ups from Aaron Schmidt, and some of the gang at the Monk Studio.

I was approached by Juck Somsaman, founder of Monk Studio to help develop and train his team in Bangkok through the creation of a short film. As it so happened my friends in Ireland at The Cartoon Saloon approached me at about the same time to create an "Irish themed" short to open "The Secret of Kells" feature they were making. Just seemed meant to be...

Above: A small section of the "color script". This board is a combination of quick color sketches, rough 3D renders and more finished backgrounds. The more 3d looking scenes are keyed by going over frames from maya in photoshop.

The main focus of the color script is really making sure the characters read on the backgrounds... and making sure that there is a artistic progression in the film... making sure each sequence and place feels unique from one another... yet still tie together in some way. One of my former students Susanne Olesen came to Thailand for a few months to help paint backgrounds. I've worked some of those back into the script.

"The Escape of the Gingerbread Man" is a personal short film, and the third installment of the "NobleTales" short film series. A series of original stories from around the world... created by my mentor, Maurice Noble, and the group of us fortunate enough to train under him.

Above: An early sketch by me... inspired by the work of that talented Dub, Barry G. Reynolds.

The short has been funded in part by "The Open Workshop", and the "West Danish Film Fund".

To see more artwork, and go behind the scenes, visit:
Escape of the Gingerbread MAN!!!

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