River Of Kings IV

The "River of Kings IV" concept revolved around the legendary Himaphan forest, and a brave warriors quest to find the one true king.

Above: Stills from the final TVC.

I was asked to design, and direct the advertising campaign for the show... appealing to an international audience. I thought it would be nice to show that old Thai myths, and legends were still very much alive in modern Bangkok. Having creatures from the Himaphan forest roam around the city.

For a number of years, the king of Thailand's oldest daughter would host a musical show on the Chaopraya river in Bangkok. The shows were usually big events based on Thai legends, or history.

Above: Some of the promo material for the commercial... showing the process of design, rough boards, and a final film still.

The TV commercial was a mix of live-action, and 3D animation. It was a challenge, because at the time I had little experience with either medium. I was asked to direct the ads for a later production. But unfortunately the show was cancelled because of the tsunami.

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