Space Sicle

A while back I was asked to make a commercial pitch for a popular type of ice cream. I basically was given an afternoon to come up with some character ideas... along with a general approach to the spot. I kept having visions of over-sugared children, and their over-sugared hyper dog. These particular sketches were the first thing to come out of my "pencil"... As there really wasn't time to develop the idea further. Unfortunately the studio didn't get the job... but there are something in the sketches here that I like.

Above: I am a big fan of Chesley Bonestall, and Robert MacCall's classic space illustrations. These guys really knew how to handle a brush! I submitted this page of paintings to the client as a general approach to the overall feel. I've always wanted to make a project with the feeling of these sorts of images, perhaps one day I will get the chance.

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