"Escape of the GingerBread Man!!!" premieres in America

Above: Stills from my new short film "Escape of the GingerBread Man!!!"

The first screening of Gingerbread will be at the 

"L.A. Cinema festival of Hollywood." 

April 6th 2011. Whitefire Theater, 13500 Ventura Blvd.
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

A huge thanks to everyone who helped make this film possible.  Particularly "The Monk Studios" Bangkok, and the "Animation Workshop" in Denmark.  I'd also like to thank the numerous friends who have so generously given their time, and talent over the last few years.

The festival marks the films first public screening, and first festival win! Thanks again- tod


  1. 1 for 1... an amazing first showing!

  2. I will support Mark in his calculation and make a move of respect to the great film about Ginger.

    Congrats Tod,
    you deserve it.

  3. That's great news!Congratulations!

  4. Thanks so much! Hopefully we will be able to show Ginger in a number of festivals in the coming months.