It's hard to believe that it's been exactly twenty years since I finished my undergraduate degree. My final film project was called "F," and explored the Asian American experience of the early 20th century. Hopefully one day I will be able to transfer the project to digital format.

Above: Exploratory ink sketches from the film... inspired by artists such as Lynd Ward, and Rockwell Kent. It was "F" that led to a job with Chuck Jones, and Maurice Noble. Unknown to me, Maurice was also a huge fan of woodcut artists from the 1930's... and had been looking to train young artists that had influences outside of animation.

all images copyright Tod Polson


  1. Time flies before you know it! Though i have just graduated but i can still feel the passing of time! BTW, the final film project was called "F,", is there any special connotation or sth special meaning? Why it is called F?

  2. Yes... the film is named "F." The letter signifies failure... in the American school grading system... and to me stood for "Frankenstein." Both representing the feelings of the main character of the story... who thought of herself as both ugly and a failure.

  3. Frankenstein? so cool!!! And i think you are so cool Tod! Your photo on Linkedin is yourself? You face has a strong melancholy temperament which reminds of James Blunt i don't know why

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