SEA Concept Design Master Class

The final design without lettering. 

Recently I was asked to design a poster for a concept design class in Viborg, Denmark called "SEA." The master class took place between Feb 15th - March 1st 2014.

"SEA (South America – Europe – Asia) is a 2-week intensive concept development master class based on cooperation between three continents, each represented by the partners: Anima Mundi (Brazil), The Animation Workshop (Europe), and Office H (Japan). Together, the three partners aim to strengthen the network between the international animation industry and young concept development artists, across the three territories." From the SEA website.

Above: I submitted several design concepts, of which the above rough was chosen.

I felt the fish in the design should be based on several folk art styles... and should also be hand-made. To get more variety, I asked several artists to participate in the final artwork. 

Linocut by our visiting intern Sirid Garff

My paper-cut fish

... and watercolor by Bang-On Phothi-In

Sirid and On working on the linoleum block in our studio.


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    1. Thanks Ed! We had a good time with this one.

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