Ginger Music

At long last, my short film "Escape of the Gingerbread Man!!!" is coming to completion with the addition of sound!

Above: Revisiting some of my old instrument designs for the "Band" of sheep in my short film "Escape of the Gingerbread Man!!!"

The actual music for the film was recorded at Doon Studio, in Waterford Ireland. All arranged and played by squeezebox man Benny McCarthy and a few of his friends. I am a huge fan of Bennys traditional Irish bands Danu, and Rattle the Boards. Fantastic stuff!!! I hope he's pleased with what I've done with his delightful music.

Originally I had asked the brilliant Billy "Keys" Benson to score the film. But scheduling conflicts got in the way. Luckily, the super talented, Mathias Winum, agreed to score the film... and has brought the story to a whole different level with music. Morten Green at Tonemasters is working on the sound mix... and helping put the finishing touches on foley. I have to send out a deep heartfelt thanks to the Animation Workshop, and the West Danish film fund, without who's help I would never have been able to finish the sound... or the rest of the film for that matter. I also have to thank everyone at the Monk Studio, for continuing to support Gingerbread.

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  1. I have hit the 'excited anticipation' button and am quivering... Congrats Tod! Can't wait to see the final! :)