Lego Design Week

Recently I was asked to hold a week long design workshop at Lego world headquarters in Denmark.

The crew I worked with were fantastic! A great group of people with some really interesting design challenges. Most of the work they were doing was top secret... so I was unable to photograph much...

One of the hi-lights of my trip was seeing some of Lego's original wooden toys... produced before they began selling their famous plastic blocks.

Above: A mold for the bricks.

All in all it was a good week... and I hope the designers found a few of the design philosophies I shared useful.


  1. I just went to buy your book from amazon and it wasn't there.... any news?

  2. Hi Mick, It should be available on Amazon now for pre-order. It will be coming out on May 31, 2013 Just go to amazon, and type in my name Tod Polson Let me know if you have any trouble finding it! thanks!