Dark Forest

A friend of mine contacted me a few weeks ago, and asked if I had any "Dark, scary, forest" reference I could give him to show a client for a potential job.

Above: Going through some of my old files, I came across a development sketch from a few years ago. I was working on a film about an elephant... and this character was the villain. I'm not sure why his eyes are glowing now... just seemed right at the time :)

Above: Variation on a theme... trying out a few lighting schemes... from "Secret of kells"

Above: This sketch is from my early 20's when I was working at Chuck Jones! I believe the studio was developing some sort of "Film Noir" story with a cat. I'll have to dig up the rest of the sketches someday. Was a fun project... but like most of the stuff we were developing at Jones... it never got beyond the development stage.