Shoot For the Stars

Not too long ago I was asked to put together a pitch for a commercial set in space. 

Above and Below: A few of my concept sketches for the pitch. I imagined  translucent layers of space dust... making space feel rich and deep. The art team at the studio then took these sketches and others that I had created... and used them as inspiration... experimenting with shape... color and form. But as in many projects ... I am unable to show most of the work that was done.

The character designs above were from the client... which we eventually re-designed to something more appealing. Ultimately the client decided to go in a different direction with the spot. Perhaps someday I'll get to play in space again.

ACMN- logo

-Recently On and I were asked to come up with some logo ideas for a new media group composed of members from various media organizations. The idea was that this group could share ideas and resources... taking on media projects that would be difficult to do on their own.

After submitting a few different ideas in thumbnail form, the group selected a bird image that I had roughed out... as seen above.

Then On did a color pass... trying to incorporate different ideas from group members. The jury is still out as far as I know as to which idea was chosen... if any... I'll be curious to see what direction the group goes.

Lego Design Week

Recently I was asked to hold a week long design workshop at Lego world headquarters in Denmark.

The crew I worked with were fantastic! A great group of people with some really interesting design challenges. Most of the work they were doing was top secret... so I was unable to photograph much...

One of the hi-lights of my trip was seeing some of Lego's original wooden toys... produced before they began selling their famous plastic blocks.

Above: A mold for the bricks.

All in all it was a good week... and I hope the designers found a few of the design philosophies I shared useful.