Animation Workshop Films 2014

It's that time of year for a new crop of short films from the amazing students of The Animation Workshop of Denmark! This last year I served as a story/design supervisor... and along with a group of very talented professionals helped guide the different student teams through the rigors of short film making.  The films speak for themselves! Enjoy!


Look for these and other TAW student projects on the official videosite HERE. 

Paddle Pop Begins

A few years ago I was invited to direct a few episodes of a low budget kids show called "Paddle Pop" at The Monk Studios in Thailand. Paddle Pop Lion (called Max in Europe) is the mascot of Paddle Pop ice cream and of course the hero of the show.

Though we had serious restrictions in terms of budget, content, and schedule... we had a good time putting these little episodes together. English speaking actors are more difficult to come by in Asia, and many of the voices in the series are friends and crew members. For instance, I am the voice of the giant chicken statue in episode 7. The little robots in this episode were inspired by the Balinese Monkey Dance. You can hear hints of Indonesian music in the soundtrack.

Episode 9 was interesting because of the fact that most of the crew had never seen a real snow beast before... or real snow for that matter.  They took it all in stride... and within the limitations we were faced with... did a fine job. Most of the character designs were established before I came onto the project. However, the client asked me to come up with "non threatening weapons." If you notice the soldiers "spears" they are inspired by dental floss picks.