AllState Ads

Not too long ago I was asked to design a trio of AllState ads for House Special Studio in Portland. First I sketched out a variety of character and bg ideas. Then... once director Aaron Sorensen and the client approved a few sketches... the crew used my 2D color designs to build miniature sets out of paper, clay and what-not. It's always fun to see your work interpreted by different artists. 

Above: A Background Concept.
Above: Some Genie variations.

 Above: A bit of development. Personally I liked the autumn scheme. 

Above: A key for the final shot

Above: Final car design

Above: A few car concepts. But the client wanted a mini!

Above: Rough man variations.

Above: My first phone doodles while on a call with the studio as they were pitching me the idea.

Above: A few concepts that weren't chosen

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